SVN English High school
“ Educations’s Purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
Has its Headmistress Smt. Anitha K. who always is an inspiring help for the institution. Has its Founder, Secretary, Principal, Sri. K. Subbaraju, the pillar of the mission and the guiding force and supporting hand of the mission.

All of the mentioned management persons have donned the mantle as “Key contributers” for “S.V.N. English High School” to emerge as a center of Excellence reaching every milestone with dignity and pride and leaving behind a lasting footprint par excellence in the sands of education. FROM A HUMBLE AND MODEST BEGINNING TO THE PINNACLE OF SUCCESS. We started with 40 children in the year of 1991, Consecutive years the numbers of students increased. We reached the strength of thousand and above.
From the Principal's Desk
SVN Schools Dear Parent,
Assume from the time your children were born, how you chose soft cosy clothes for them, the entire cleanliness you wanted around them, the hygiene you maintained in their food and other necessities, the care you showed to keep them away from natural conditions like cold, heat and any other diseases and most of all how you were awoken to make them sleep.

Each and every child is made equal with all the faculties and traits assigned in perfect balance to be nurtured and used accordingly. The degree and sensibility to which they use knowledge earmarks them as dull, clever and extraordinary. Children at some or the other level develop a hidden talent that they learn and realize to use as they grow. This shows that nobody is useless on earth, they all have talents and abilities and it is just a matter of recognizing and utilizing that children are encouraged, developed and guided in the right direction so that they can progress the most of it.

It is a matter of giving them a chance to prove themselves. We at Sree Sharadha Vidyaniketan School understand the way you would treat your child. We with our objectives “Knowledge is Power” Dedication promotes knowledge that is a “Venture of Excellence”. Each faculty thoroughly concentrates on every student's special traits, counsels and analyses so that best results are procured of every child.

Care and caress are taken in recognizing the spark that each child displays, nurture it with due diligence, deliberation and with the help of external knowledge and studies, mold the student a good human being, an eminent achiever and an invaluable asset that contributes to the pride of the nation. Each student of this school should be looked upon as an inspiration because of the knowledge, values and thought process displayed by him for the present and following generations. This is possible only with your positive co-operation and most of all by the grace of God.
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